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Chicago and Milwaukee

The Journey Begins

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Hey there!

Our first 2 days have been so action-packed! The ride from Buffalo to Chicago took around 9 hours. We left at 1 am, so it was easy to sleep most of the way.
The coach seats on the train are so comfortable, too. I had my legs stretched all the way in front of me and still had extra room. I know I have tiny legs, but still! It's like being in a recliner. The only problem I had was with the bathroom. The coach bathroom smelled awful and the faucet on the sink needs to be squeezed from the bottom to release water. Claudia especially didn't like that part. People rub their soiled hands on the part where the water comes out, thus contaminating the faucet for everyone else. It really makes no sense. I'll try to get a pic of it to show you.

The views along the Rust Belt were...rusty. There was not too much too see. Plenty of industrial sites and a few glimpses of the other side of my favorite Great Lake--Erie.

There were some trying times once we detrained in Chicago. We had to walk a mile and a half to our reserved Zipcar without stopping for breakfast first. As most of you know, a hungry Heidi is not a happy Heidi. But at least it was breezy and beautiful outside.

Once we found the car, we took off straight for the heart of America: Milwaukee. It took nearly 2 hours to get there, and we were starving!
Our first tacos of the vacation were had at Bel Air Cantina, where we feasted on Curry Mahi Mahi, Portabello-Queso, Mango Tilapia, Lobster Shrimp, and Black Bean & Corn tacos. The beast was fed (Heidi) and quite satisfied.


By the time we arrived the Pabst brewery was no longer doing tours for the day. However, there also happened to be a vintage motorcycle show going on right outside. We saw some amazing bikes, and still had a chance to walk around the facilities and see where PBR began. I didn't realize there is a whole adorable Pabst village!

We didn't get to linger too long because we had to get the car back by 6. We sped into the spot at 5:57 exactly. Then we took the "L" (they don't call it metro here, it's their subway system) to our AirBNB. Our host suggested a great pizza place that is not too far from the comedy club we wanted to hit up, so we summoned a Lyft car and headed back out. The pizza was good, but we ordered the wrong kind and didn't get an actual deep dish, so we're going to try again when we come back here next week.

Well, that's all for now. We leave Chicago at 2pm today, and we need to get beer to bring on the train before we go. It's a 36 hour ride to Seattle! Stay tuned for updates on the tiny roomette we booked for the ride.


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